Wealth Creation

Reform and development of techniques and technologies to assist local wealth creation and reallocation.

We work across five principal vectors

Circular Economies

Systems for identifying and driving pathways towards a more circular systems of material usage and supply chain lineage and wealth retention within the circular supply circuits.

Community Behaviour

Community reputational systems for encouraging and rewarding positive and reliable and competent behaviour and ranking and social and commercial ranking.

Office Systems

Improved back office and environment administration for the rapid delivery of processes that match: needs, wants, tasks, objectives, targets, agenda delivery; with appropriate market based and social solutions.

Wealth Reform

Structural alleviation of the root causes of poverty via the development of smart primary resource, information sharing and training delivery.

Innovation is critical in enabling the UK to compete on the world stage.

"the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination" (Albert Einstein)

In our imagination there is a better world. A world built upon open, sustainable systems. A world built by local and national communities working to gether to generate income and grow in combined unity to face the challenges of the future.

At Pear Trading we specialise in open research and development. We aim at generating solutions for the multiple and compounding problems caused by climate change, unsustainable behaviour patterns and systems. We are dedicated to resolving increasing structural and systemic poverty and inequality.

Twenty Sector Approach

We take a 20 sector approach to identifying development and market opportunities and for identifying creative partners. Each sector has its own 'guiding star', which serves as an overall target and goal for the whole sector

  • PERSONAL GROWTH & STRATEGY :01 Know Thyself: Know the World
  • ARTS & CREATIVE :02 Inspire, Insight and Challenge
  • EDUCATION & TRAINING :03 Life-long Learning for All
  • COMMUNICATION CONTENT :04 Content with Meaning
  • COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE (Human) :05 Bringing People Together
  • ADMIN- OPERATIONAL SUPPORT :06 Getting things done….Properly
  • FINANCIAL SERVICES :07 Finance Serving People, Place and Planet
  • COMMUNICATION (Infrastructure) :08 The Medium that Carries the Message.
  • DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURE :09 If you can code it…...
  • HEALTH (Personal Maintenance) :10 Help Yourself to Health
  • TRANSPORT :11 Moving from A to B to C to A
  • ENERGY :12 Generating for Future Generations
  • CIRCULATION OF THINGS :13 Closing the Loops
  • MANUFACTURING (Engineering to Craft) :15 Making Things to Last
  • BUILDINGS :16 Buildings: Beautiful Spaces: Small Footprints
  • COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE (Physical) :17 Planning With and not Against Nature
  • MINING & HARVESTING :18 Take only what is Needed.
  • FOOD (Cultivated Land Use) :19 Nourishing Food that Doesn’t Cost the Earth
  • BIOSPHERE RESTORATION & REGULATION :20 Planetary Re-generation